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What is "your level" in avatar edit page? How I can increase my level?

Depending on the players achievements in tournaments, they has some level (0 to 5), by following rules:

Level 0 - players who played less then 10 tournament games
Level 1 - players who played 10 and more tournament games
Level 2 - terms of level 1 and rating ELO >= 1550
Level 3 - terms of level 1 and rating ELO >= 1700
Level 4 - terms of level 1 and rating ELO >= 1850
Level 5 - terms of level 1 and rating ELO >= 2000

Depending on the level, player can select avatar only from certain set.

How do uploading replay, and who should do this?

Uploading replay form you can find in bottom tournament information page. Replay always should be uploaded by winner.

How calculated a rating?

Rating calculated by using ELO rating system, and using all games of all tournaments. Rating of new players is 1500.

Why I'm in "sandbox" of rating?

If you want to be in main rating, you should play 10 tournaments games.

I uploaded replay, but I can't find charts of game.

Probably you uploaded replay from site. In this replays not located ai_log tag, so we can't build charts.

What value of red crown over players nickname?

Red crown means that player is winner of Wesnoth Life tournament.

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